December 8, 2015
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I have been wondering over the last few weeks why I have been so slack about Christmas. Normally, I am Queen of lists and planning, even sourcing new recipes I want to try…but this year I have let this all slide.

There is no doubt that the daily dose of news both domestic and international has a part to play. From chatting to mates, I see how we have all been coloured by what is going on around us globally and the feelings of unrest; worry and concern have taken root. And just this week the flooding in Cumbria which has devastated so many families…

For me this reinforces two predominant feelings: one of immense gratitude and one of minimising excess and remembering that I don’t need too much to have a lovely time.

I talk about gratitude a lot on this blog. It is a fundamental part of how I choose to live. Even when I feel things are not going my way, there’s always something to be appreciative of – a silver lining.

And I suppose when special occasions come round – like Christmas – this is highlighted even further.

As for minimising excess – this is a tricky one because celebrations often go hand in hand with “stuff” – food, gifts and sometimes we all go overboard.

I of course want to make Christmas special for my family and friends. I love to give and spoil people. But this year, more than before I have felt an overwhelming desire to find a balance that sits well with me.

Many of us, my family included, don’t really “need’ more stuff.

As a society we are constantly taking in ideas from all sorts of advertising. We are drip fed the subliminal need of wanting things. This isn’t any of our faults really – I feel it is just the society in which we live – everything is available all year round, immediately.

But as I struggled to make any sort of present list for Christmas this year, it dawned on me that all I really want for Christmas is time – a lot of time with the people I love and care about.

In case my nearest and dearest (specifically my kids) are reading this…they will be pleased to know that they don’t need to buy me lots of stuff…!

And I must say I have really enjoyed shopping for them this year, really taking the time to think about what they might need and what they would enjoy. Because even with a balance in mind, there is something truly lovely about choosing something for someone you care about.

So, with this in mind I will be posting a vlog in the next few days with a few presents that I have bought for my friends and family that may give you a little inspiration if you are in need of some…I may have to be cryptic though, so the surprises are kept intact!!



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