January 22, 2016

It is no secret that I love to talk and ramble, but even for someone like me…the passing of so many artists and amazing creative people at the start of this year has left me struggling for the right words….this said of course, the passing away of anyone is hard to bear…

I do find it weird though how people we have never met can have such an influence on our lives…so much so that there is a void when they go…

Unpredictably I have been listening to a lot of Glenn Frey and the Eagles this week – remembering tracks I had forgotten, that evoke memories from years gone by. When there is such a formidable back catalogue it is hard to know what to share.

Anyway, I came across Glenn Frey’s “After Hours” album and wanted to post “For Sentimental Reasons” a beautiful jazz standard that I adore….but then I clicked on this – Glenn Frey’s cover of the Beach Boys “Caroline, No”.

I can’t verbalise it, but it makes perfect sense to me to post this…I hope you enjoy x

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