March 12, 2017

It’s been one of those very social weekends so I’m feeling a little tired, but thankfully I have paced myself so – no hangover!!

…So what’s been on my mind?

The week just gone turned into a skincare focussed week unexpectedly, largely, because I was treated a wonderful Natura Bisse facial courtesy of Net-A-Porter.

Check in later this week, as I am going to do a blog or a vlog on my experiences and my findings about this extremely luxurious skincare line.

When I started this blog a few years ago, the primary goal was to share my passions and interests with people who already knew me as a singer, and try to engage with people with whom I share common interests. This is still very much the case…but I was worried because on the surface, fashion and beauty can be perceived as quite superficial.

What I have been reminded of repeatedly over the last two years is all the fashion and beauty brands I am interested in have a huge creative element at the core of them and often the reason behind why the brand was born is so fascinating. Also, it never ceases to amaze me how much hard work and dedication goes into building a successful brand. So, I hope you like the things I share  – I would never highlight something I didn’t personally love.

I suppose the other thing on my mind is my trip to Sydney – only two and half weeks to go now…

Living in Sydney was one of the most exciting adventures for me. I felt really lucky to experience living in a different country, something I’d quite like to do again. I also came back a mother – which in itself was life changing.

Although I was so far from family and friends and the support network I had grown up with – I made some really special, strong friendships and spending time with these people is my main motivator for going. People and the connections we make are everything to me.

I am also looking forward to doing this trip alone. It doesn’t mean I won’t miss my family, but being self-employed and a mother means travelling on my own, to somewhere so distant is rare. Many years ago I worked in publishing and would hop on a plane at least once a month to go to Europe, the Far East or the States – definitely fallen out of that habit…

I also found out this week that one of my oldest, best friends, who emigrated to New Zealand many years ago, is coming to Sydney to see me. I cannot tell you how touched I am that she would take the time and make this effort for me…

Anyway, I have been putting training all morning, so it is time to get to it, no more stalling 🙂

Here is the week just gone in pictures, from top left clockwise, we have:

1. A memory from Sydney many years ago.

2. The visual I used for my post “What International Women’s day means to me”.

3. A great Gina Carey quote.

4. The most incredible Gianvito Rossi Red satin boots at a Net-A -Porter event earlier in the week…

5. Training at Bounce gym.

6. A lovely, lone daffodil – a definite signal for Spring?

7. A throwback to a wonderful holiday in Sicily.

Here’s to a great week ahead x


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