June 18, 2017

Sitting down to write this on a Sunday used to fill me with such joy, a nice little round up of the week….

But lately, the news has been horrifying and so totally tragic.

The Grenfell Tower fire is the most frightening urban disaster I can think of in my lifetime in London. And I cannot stop thinking about the fear, desperation and helplessness those poor residents must have felt. It’s not so far from where I grew up so I know how that community rallies and this has been wonderful to see, whilst still heartbreaking that it is necessary.

I don’t know anyone that has not been moved by this news and I have to admit I feel so many emotions – everything from sorrow to disgust. Disgust because everything seems to boil down to money. The figures I have heard about putting in fire extinguishers and sprinklers into that building seem so nominal in the scheme of things – when people’s lives are at stake? To make someone’s home safe? This money should be a given – no?

We are all same. Yes, our life journeys are different and shaped by so many things but every life is as precious and valid as the next…

I know it has been said a lot this week but my Lord I am in awe of the emergency services especially the fire fighters. Such bravery like that makes me feel very humble…anyway… I hope you are well…

Here is the week just gone in pictures. From top left clockwise we have:

1. A sunset earlier this week.

2. Me in a throwback to an old photo shoot.

3. The Evanescence gig I went to on Wednesday.

4. My new haircut on Monday with the wonderful Ben Cooke at Lockonego.

5. A snapshot of my summer window boxes.

6. A beautiful Simone Perele body from Caroline Randell Lingerie in Wimbledon.

7. A great quote for the start of the week.

Lots of love, be safe x


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