August 6, 2017

A late round up today…but you’ll be pleased to know I haven’t been a slacker 🙂

I have had the loveliest day collaborating with A Brilliant Life singer Matt Cull. Still not ready to announce details of this collaboration but I can say we are having a ball working together and it is all pretty effortless – which is the best way to create anything in my opinion.

Anyway, this is really short and sweet as my daughter and I have a chilled Sunday night planned together. Happy days….

Here is the week just gone in pictures. From top left clockwise we have:

1. A delicious Friday night cocktail.

2. My latest Rixo London outfit.

3. A throwback to last year and long hair…might be growing it a little again…

4. Important words from Charlie Chaplin.

5. Studio time…

6. A coffee interlude with a little lyric writing.

7. Another lovely, important to remember quote.

Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend x





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