September 10, 2017

Just a super quick one today – I’ve been working all weekend and have realised I am pretty pooped, so a chilled evening is in order.

Yesterday was all about gig preparation and today I was busy with my collaboration with A Brilliant Life singer, Matt Cull…still not ready to tell you about this project yet…but soon I hope – it’s a really exciting one…

I am feeling quite proud of myself as I have one meal left in my Nosh Detox “Alkalise Balance and Cleanse”.

I have been focussed and disciplined, and am really glad I have done it. I definitely feel better and have been full of energy, sleeping well and have had no headaches of the detox kind.

Although I am looking forward to eating what I like tomorrow, I don’t want to undo the benefits of this detox programme. So as I said on my socials early this week, I will be aspiring to some sort of balance, which will be interesting as I have three nights out this week (!), but as ever I’ll keep you posted.

Right, a bit of mindless TV and The Sunday Times are beckoning. Hope you have had a lovely weekend x

Here is the week just gone in pictures. From top left clockwise we have:

1.A fantastic Ella Fitzgerald quote.

2. Me, mid week – toxin free on my detox.

3. My favourite yellow roses, from my Ma.

4. The artwork for my new single, “Did I Tell you…?” In case you haven’t heard it yet 🙂

5. A selection of pre prepared food on my Nosh Detox programme.

6. A little motivation from Monday.

7. Bounce Gym in new Malden.





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