October 1, 2017

This may well be the shortest round up ever on ma blog – as I have just got back from an impromptu day out to Bristol, to visit my daughter at Uni.

It has been just such a perfect day, which rounded off a pretty perfect week. Feeling unbelievably appreciative at the moment.

Gearing up for a blog focussed week as I have ideas and plans that I want to put into place before the end of the year…with a little bit of songwriting thrown in for good measure.

It is often the case that when I am in the studio or preparing for a gig, new material just kinda pops into my head and this is exactly what has happened this week – so got to make time for it…..

Anyway I hope you have had a lovely weekend.

Here is the week just gone in pictures. From top left clockwise we have:

1.My son’s birthday cake – made by my own fair hand 🙂

2.  Me – working…

3. The cast from the one and only original Fame.

4. Me at Pilates – side planking.

5. My band and me on Wednesday night at the Pheasantry… there is nothing like performing for me – it’s still making me smile. Going to do more of this.

6. Me at Bounce gym.

7. A great Monday quote.

Very happy girl at the moment…here’s to a great week ahead x








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