October 8, 2017

So seriously making hay while the sun shines today. Up early, went to an intense Spin class and am currently tied to my laptop, which is the theme for the day – LOTS of writing to do.

I’m feeling extremely virtuous as I was out last night but exercised some serious self restraint – and if you actually know me, you will know that that was no mean feat for me.

A few people last night were surprised that I was working today, but I really enjoy the calmness of a Sunday to work and just to put a few people’s minds at ease I don’t work every weekend, but sometimes it is really useful to get ahead of myself.

I am feeling very joyful at the moment, and I am not entirely sure why (!)… I suppose, I am and have always been “a glass overflowingly full” type person whatever is going in my life, and right now, more than ever, I am so appreciative of this mindset I have been blessed with.

Anyway, gotta get on – I hope you are having a lovely weekend x

Here is the week just gone in pictures. From top left clockwise we have:

1.A wonderful Rumi quote – really typifies how I like to live.

2. Autumn leaves….

3. Me, early one morning midweek.

4. A throwback to my White Wedding video shoot and a gloriously hot summers day…

5. Gardenia of London, my fave flower shop looking gorgeous and seasonal.

6. Me at the gym…

7. Friday night at Duck and Rice in Soho, London. SUCH a fun night.









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