November 1, 2017

So this is exciting…. A few weeks ago I was invited to LUX FOR SUPPER at the Hoxton in Shoreditch – a wonderful event showcasing emerging accessory designers. I came away totally inspired with my blogger hat on, well my orange hat actually, but you know what I mean…

One of the brands I chatted to was KathKath Studio – the brainchild of textile designer Kathy Schicker, and graphic designer Kathryn Pledger.

Meeting through a chance encounter with their young children in the local park, Kathy and Kathryn discovered they shared a lot in common as they were not only neighbours, but also artists drawn to surface pattern design. So, KathKath Studio was born.

We have been chatting about collaborating over the last few weeks and I hope this is the beginning of a fun journey, as I love, love, love supporting creative mothers, a little like me, I suppose.

So, in the first instance Kath Kath Studio is offering an exclusive discount to my followers and readers on their scarves! Woo hoo!!

If you are drawn to the vibrancy and colour of the scarves on this post, head over to and check out their full collection with your exclusive discount code kathray30.

Their scarves are all about colour, pattern, quality and wearability; they are beautifully made from silk or modal cashmere blends. And as you can see they are contemporary and bold, with imagery that combines floral and geometric and abstract patterns.

For me, some of the designs have a subtle nod towards classic Alexander McQueen, which I love, and there is something intangible but very British about these scarves, which I also like very much.

Each design is created in an exclusive run of limited pieces, which means you won’t see everyone in your scarf, which always makes whatever you’re wearing a little bit more special and luxurious.

Have a look and let me know what you think…I’m thinking lovely gifts for Christmas…


Exclusive code: kathray30





















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