November 12, 2017

I know I am going to sound like a broken record or reeeeeeally old (!) but life is on fast forward at the moment. Not in a bad way at all – I would just like more time for everything, can you relate??

Totally inspired by the Jazz Voice gig I went to Friday at the Royal Festival Hall. One of my frustrations is I don’t get out to see as much live music as I would like and I have promised myself I am going to rectify this. Amazing vocal performances by Angélique Kidjo, Liane Carroll, Mica Paris, Tony Momrelle and for me, especially Vanessa Haynes. What a rich voice. Definitely made me want to come hone and work on vocal technique!

Miles Mosley was a massive highlight as was seeing Seal  – who if you saw Instagram on Friday night was, I am pretty sure singing to me. I wasn’t the only person he sang to but I definitely think we had a moment (!!!!!) – thank heavens for front row tickets!!

Gearing up for another busy week so in the meantime here is the week just gone in pictures, from top left clockwise we have:

1.South East London at sunset.

2. Me by superlative photographer Jessica Venturi.

3. The Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

4. Me in my fave Chloe sweater.

5. My dancing shoes.

6. Some words without music…

7. Some gorgeous Anna + Nina earrings.

Hope you have a great week ahead x






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