November 19, 2017

Just back from a girls’ weekend in Bristol – which was SUCH fun – though I am feeling a lil tired now, so early to bed for me tonight 🙂

It is such a luxury to have a weekend literally not thinking about anything other than eating, drinking and laughing.

Time, for all of us I think, is an incredibly precious commodity and I, certainly find it hard to let myself have a break, but it was definitely good for my soul.

When my kids were little I used to feel really guilty about having any time just for myself. I feel this is mother’s natural emotional response – but now my kids are adults and are doing their own thing – I actually revel in free time for me, and as you may know… I do LOVE letting my hair down…

This week is yet another busy week – so going to do my best to optimise every hour of every day so I can make the most of my week…. anyway, hope you have had a great weekend too.

For now, here is the week just gone in pictures, from top left clockwise we have:

1. Some more of my words without music…

2. Dusk in East London.

3. Me – just working at my desk midweek…

4. The gorgeous cafe, Treacle and Co in Hove, Sussex…just a heads up – if you find yourself in Hove, the breakfast loaf in this lovely cafe is DEEEEEEEELICIOUS!

5. My cocktail at Milk Thistle in Bristol, late on Friday night.

6. Me, in the Age of Reason studio on Tuesday, wearing one of their stunning scarves. I had a truly wonderful time with designer Ali Mapletoft – who is really inspiring.

7. Burgundy tones for the weekend.

Lots of love x

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