December 30, 2017

After rushing headlong to Christmas, like we all do, I have taken a few days to reflect on this year.

I revel in these moments, not because I particularly like looking back, but I like taking stock and I love planning for the future.

2017 has been the most important creative year for me, to date. I am clearer than I have ever been on what I want to achieve as an artist both musically and in a wider creative sense.

My music, and the community I am part of through social networking, and am building through my blog, bring me immense happiness and satisfaction. Everything I do revolves around words and emotion. Words have always and will always matter to me. That’s why I love to write.

You may have heard me say before that in all things – communication and connection are my predominant motivations, always with a healthy sprinkling of positivity. I suppose if I had a mission statement – that would be it. And this year, more than ever, I feel I have stayed true to this.

A lot of this year has been about writing new music. I have never really considered myself a Jazz singer per se, though I have spent many years singing this gorgeous genre almost exclusively. I didn’t go to music school – something that has bothered me for years – but I feel more chilled about that these days.

I am a singer who writes adult contemporary music – a blend of pop, jazz and blues and I am really excited about my new release (Untold Stories, Part 1 – a collaboration with my dear friend and colleague, bassist, Richard Sadler).

It is also the third year of my blog and this year a lot of things have clicked. I have loved the engagement with followers and other brands, and collaborations and friendships it has led to.

Through my blog many people ask about my journey, so in case you don’t know, and are interested, here is an abridged version:

My childhood (I’m an only child) was unequivocally happy but the choices I made, were safe family pleasers (I have two Physics degrees and pursued a career in research, science publishing and journalism for a number of years) which is weird because I knew from the age of 7, I wanted to be a singer and songwriter, writing my first song at 12.

October 2001 was a pivotal month in my life. My father was hospitalized due to a negligent operation and in a matter of hours my life was changed irreparably. My father never returned home and died in 2004.

It never occurred to me that something so traumatic would befall my family. My eyes were open to a darkness I had never contemplated. And if I could save anyone from this kind of sorrow I would.

I was desperate in my need to find something positive because I was drowning.

Life is as wonderful as it is cruel and my children though they were toddlers, were my saviours. I had to get out of bed in the morning for them; and to escape mentally from my father’s deterioration I rediscovered my compulsion and passion for singing and writing.

I think this is why sharing joy is at the core of everything I do and as I look back on this year – there has been plenty of joy.

What I saw with my father created a latent urgency in me – to do everything I want to before it’s too late and before I got too old…

I’m not sure why or how but, this year, I have learned to savour what I am doing and enjoy the processes I find myself in – because I can’t live without creativity and nor do I want to.

I have finally realised I don’t have to rush anything and age is not factor.

2017 has been my most consistent year in settling into who I am as a creative and that – puts a big smile on my face.

How was 2017 for you? I’d love to know…

Creativity is contagious – pass it on – Albert Einstein.


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