December 10, 2017

So, yesterday I was invited to a Marilyn Manson gig – I will NOT profess to know any of his back catalogue, though I had a bit of a listen to some of his tracks earlier in the day.

As you may know, I like my metal in the form of Slipknot..but I went principally because I was intrigued and I don’t like to be close minded when it comes to any sort of art form.

It was a relatively short gig – but Marilyn Manson is currently nursing a broken leg so I guess that was understandable.

I actually enjoyed the gig – I like a big rock sound with lots of distortion (can you tell I am out of my area of expertise here??). He is a consummate performer and his vocal delivery is constant in terms of intensity and commitment – so actually it was good.

The problem I have – is the strong lean to the disturbing, grotesque imagery – it’s not my bag at all and I don’t feel it adds anything to the music – but maybe that’s just me.

So, I picked this cover as I love The Eurythmics and personally I would suggest closing you eyes and listening (!!) I like the Manson’s version- but not a fan of the video and couldn’t find an alternative…

Anyway, I would be interested to hear your views.

Off to the ballet in a bit and I think I’ll be pulling up a bit of Chet Baker on my playlist today… hope you are having a lovely Sunday x

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