February 23, 2018

If like me, you love fashion, the stronghold of the Scandi brands on the UK fashion scene will not have escaped your notice.

Designers like Acne, Gestuz, Marlene Birger, House of Dagmar, Cecilie Copenhagen, and of course Ganni have been delighting us for a long while now – and year on year their collections seem to be getting stronger.

What’s interesting is, whilst I am in no way, shape or form a typical “Scandinavian” shape (I thinking Scandinavian women are taller and more athletic in build than me) I adore these brands and my favourite is Ganni.

Fit is vital for me, and it just works. Ganni dresses (as you probably know by now I am dress girl) fit my short body and long leg proportions as well as they do my daughter, for instance, who is taller and has totally different dimensions to me. And there aren’t many brands that cater so expertly for very different body shapes.

What’s more is Ganni oozes a serious Danish cool vibe, but there is a definite injection of something else, a kind of effortless chic, maybe a little Parisian in quality – which, in my opinion, is a match made in heaven. Their most recent collections are a testament to this.

Their Spring Summer 18 collection is called Global Citizen and Ditte Reffstrup, the brand’s Creative Director says of this collection,

“I wanted to create clothes for a woman who loves to travel to new places and who has an independent spirit. It’s an upbeat collection, taking cues from 90s sportswear, rave, and the hugely important Benetton ads from the 90s that challenged prejudice and encouraged diversity. The Global Citizen represents the best of everywhere.”

Whilst I wholeheartedly identify with this sentiment, when I look at the Ganni ad campaign I have a feeling it is primarily targeted at a younger demographic – but actually that doesn’t matter at all. This is the cleverness of Ganni, in my opinion; it is a great example of “Ageless” fashion.

The array of beautiful prints and fluid fabrics used in their collections are, season upon season, a huge hit for me. They suit my lifestyle and mood perfectly.

As I said I tend to head for the dresses on a rail and Ganni dresses never disappoint – they can be worn, not only in a “dress up”, “dress down” kinda way, but to channel whatever vibe matches your personality.

It is rare to find a brand that you can you literally style however you want and it works. Couple that with the price point (which at the moment is quite reasonable for a designer brand) and the fact that you can wash their clothes in your washing machine so bypassing dry cleaning costs – the ticks are endless for me.

I know I am sounding quite practical talking about washing instructions, but dry cleaning bills have in the past crippled me – so anything that you can wash at home and wear is a huge plus. In fact this might be something I cover in another post soon…

So if you haven’t had a look at Ganni’s collections – get online or check out your nearest stockist.

One last word in praise of their dresses, because I am slightly obsessed, is one of their staples is the wrap dress – but not like the stretchy wrap dresses of old – Ganni’s wrap dresses are fitted on top, flowing from the waist with the wrap creating a thigh slit – I mean need I say more??!! Hands down one of my favourite fashion details….















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